Wednesday, March 2, 2016

750-GeV Bunp Excites Theorists

At A Quantum Diaries Survivor, Tommaso Dorigo estimates that since the LHC collaborations announced that they had found a small bump in their data at 750 GeV, more than 200 papers attempting to explain it have appeared. He maintains a healthy skepticism about the significance of the bump and opines that most of the papers probably don’t have the answer. nor do I. He singles out one paper that he thinks is worth reading, but unfortunately, it depends on supersymmetry, which doesn’t exist.

 This sudden deluge of papers triggered by an unverified bump shows how desperate the theorists are to find something new to theorize about. They’ve had essentially nothing for thirty years, and they’re starving. It’s frustrating to watch them stumbling around in the dark when so many of the answers they’re seeking are right here.