Monday, October 12, 2015

Nobel for Neutrino Oscillations

Last week’s announcement that the Nobel Prize in physics had gone to the experimenters who first observed neutrino oscillations reminded me that I hadn’t covered the relevant physics in this blog. So here we go.

I told you what neutrinos are here, and I covered quantum superpositions of spacetime points here. In quantum mechanics a superposition of states is also a state, so superpositions of points are also points. Particles are resonances of points. In the latter post I showed how protons and neutrons and other baryons are resonances of superpositions of three points. Mesons are resonances of superpositions of two points. Electrons are resonances of single points. Thus, spacetime is really a superposition of spacetimes for different values of n, where every point in a particular spacetime is a superposition of n single or pure points. All of the particles observed so far are in the n = 1, 2, or 3 spacetimes, although there has been a recent report of a possible n = 5 sighting.