Sunday, January 25, 2015

Whaddaya Mean, It's Not New???

As I explained here, dark matter in the universe is a remnant of inflation. At the end of the inflationary period, the universe is left in an oscillating state. These oscillations can be viewed as particles, or inflaton bosons, the inflaton being the scalar field that drives inflation. These oscillations decay to form matter particles, the stuff we’re made of.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sorry, No Supersymmetry

An Economist article asserts that the main search target for the upgraded Large Hadron Collider, due to start up in a couple of months, will be supersymmetric particles, heavier partners of the standard model particles that have so far never been seen.  Supersymmetry is vital to string theory and to other theories aimed at solving standard model anomalies. Since no evidence of it was seen in the LHC’s first run, many physicists feel that it has already been falsified, but many others still think it will be found in the next, higher-power, run.

In the spacetime model I’m telling you about in this blog, there’s not even a hint of supersymmetry, so I feel confident in predicting that it doesn’t exist and won’t be found by the LHC or any future collider.